Golden Rule of Marketing: there are only two options when it comes to marketing.

  1. You can either spend your time; or
  2. You can spend your money

Marketing Strategy:

  • We are humans First; Secondly, we are lawyers: Put your personality into your practice
    • Lawyer-client is a relationship: be true to yourself or pay the price
    • Pursue a passion and share it with my clients and community
      • Make merchandise I am proud to put my name on and give to clients and my community
  • Do not emulate Veteran Attorney’s and their marketing practices:
    • I cannot beat them at their own game
  • Maintain a marketing journal
    • Record every source of marketing
    • Track phone calls, emails, etc. and connect each contact to a source of marketing
  • Consuming legal market information
    • Track legal trends
    • Look for gaps in the market that couple with my passions
      • E.g. skateboard law; video game law;

Marketing Platforms:

  • Facebook: detail practice areas of firm, location, contact information, reviews
  • Twitter: discuss legal topics within my practice area
  • Google Plus: detail practice areas of firm, location, contact information, reviews
  • Youtube: provide 30 sec. – 1 minute videos discussing a particular area of law
  • Blog: post articles of legal topics I am interested in that wall within my practice area
    • A blog answering common questions that I am asked
  • Podcast: provide 5 minute discussions on legal topics within my practice area
  • Justia: trial period using their platform to market myself
  • Avvo: create a profile

Marketing Opportunities:

  • Take initiative in professional relationships
    • Get others business cards and follow up with a call checking in, requesting their email address, and emailing future dates for a lunch/meeting
  • Arkansas Bar Association; Pulaski Bar Association; American Bar Association
    • Join these organizations now and vet them while my rates are cheep as a new lawyer
  • Sweat Equity: Put in the work, pay the price, get your hands dirty, and grow
    • Humans cannot intuit statistics: we must do the math!